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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Infernal - Mediafire

Infernal - Mediafire

Download Infernal - Mediafire | 875 MB

Infernal embraces style over substance, resulting in a dull and repetitive shooting experience. In traditional Christian theology, souls stuck between heaven and hell are caught in purgatory, which is an apt description of where Infernal belongs. This third-person shooter portrays the conflict between heaven and hell as being waged on Earth via corporate proxies. You'll play as a former heavenly agent who's kicked out of heaven and caught between both sides. However, the gameplay in Infernal hardly aspires to greatness, nor is it a complete disaster. Instead, this supernatural action game just muddles along.

You play as Ryan Lennox, a fallen angel sipping drinks in a bar with a friend when suddenly shock troops from Everlight, the heavenly corporation, try to kill him. With nowhere else to turn, Lennox teams up with hell's corporation for some revenge. In return, he is blessed (or cursed) with infernal powers that allow him to teleport around, levitate objects, fire powerful magical blasts, and see the invisible. That's in addition to his regular arsenal of weapons, ranging from pistols to assault rifles, as well as exotic equipment, such as welder guns and heavy energy beams.

With these powers and weapons, Lennox has to storm Everlight's facilities to uncover its plan to mind control humanity while letting people still think they have free will. That touches on an interesting theological and philosophical question, but that's about as far as the game goes in that direction. In Infernal, it's might that makes right, which is all you'll have to worry about.

  • Stunning mixture of shooter and stealth action
  • Control a huge amount of powerful weapons as well as supernatural infernal powers
  • Interact with your environment to overcome your enemies
  • Use different styles of melee attacks
  • Explore a great variety of different environments
  • Use spy gadgets to explore you’re surrounding
  • Different effects of useable objects in the human and in the ghost form
  • Clever and well trained opponents that uses their environment in a unique way
  • Gripping storyline
  • Absorb the live energy of your enemies to heal yourself
  • Usage of a great amount of different vehicles
  • Enormous number of details and state of the art graphic design
  • Influences and changes of the environment will also change the way you have to play

System Requirement
  • Pentium 4 3 GHz, 
  • 1 GB RAM, 
  • graphic card 256MB (Geforce 6800 or better), 
  • 2 GB HDD, 
  • Windows 2000/XP/Vista.


Infernal - Mediafire Rating: 4.5 Diposkan Oleh: IsalCancer

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  1. please upload gta story from liberty city.....

  2. game nya ga jalan gan........

  3. this game crash on installation, please upload iso file

  4. mohon update new link gan,,,,,gamex enda jalan


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