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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Terrorist Takedown 3 - Mediafire

Terrorist Takedown 3 - Mediafire

Terrorist Takedown 3 | 2,7 Gb

The members of the terrorist organization took over a new chemical weapon and started blackmailing the authorities. Team Delta sent to Mexico to solve the problem. In the game Terrorist Takedown 3, you have to try on spetsuniformu fighter that special forces, to fight for peace and security throughout the world.

  • During the game, will be accessible to modern models of firearms, as well as optical devices. With their help, you can easily and quickly calculate the enemy, and after – without compromise to defuse. High-technology military equipment such as night vision goggles, grenade and blinding masks S10 much easier task in the fight against terrorism.
  • For the graphics in the game corresponds to a modern engine Jupiter EX-Engine, which shows a very decent graphics. It transports players into the world full of events, breathtaking, incredible lighting and other graphical effects. That, along with a realistic surround sound makes the adventures of a player in the game memorable.

System requirements:
  • Operating system: Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7;
  • Processor: Processor: with a frequency of 2.3 GHz;
  • Memory: 1 GB;
  • Video card: GeForce 7600 class, ATI X1600 or better;
  • Free space: 4,5 GB

Terrorist Takedown 3 - Mediafire Rating: 4.5 Diposkan Oleh: IsalCancer

21 komentar:

  1. Game recommended, juga neh ; masuk daftar tunggu koleksi game Ane, thax Bro Isal.

  2. salam kenal bro.....
    kok filenya flt, gimana cara bukanya...??


  3. " Bener Kata Kucing-ku; Sdh selesai Ane Download Ampe Part 14;Terrorist_Takedown_FLT.Ane Extract, tetep Aja Filenya FLT, Pegi mane Nehh Bro Isal,,?

  4. @ALL:
    How to install:
    1st download all part. It will extract flt-tt3.001 002 003....flt-tt3.058.
    2nd all rename to flt-tt3.r00 r01 r02....r57.
    3rd extract all part witch is give flt-tt3.iso
    then mount ISO & enjjoy the game.
    Don't forget say thanks.

  5. gan file 055.wrong password

  6. @Anonim: disini gak ada file 055 yg ada cuma 05 gan, dan passwordnya sdh ada di atas....

  7. agan isal ane axtract smua rar nya & file terakhir ada messages "crc failed in encrypted Terrorist_takedown_3-FLT\flt-tt3.055.wrongpassword? gitu masksud ane gan

    you are the best blog game!

  8. @AGUNG: coba periksa lagi password RAR nya gan...

  9. "please insert you CD TERRORIST TAKEDOWN 3" giti pesannya bro waktu saya selesai instal n mau mainkan gamenya, tolong pencerahannya

  10. "please insert you CD TERRORIST TAKEDOWN 3" giti pesannya bro waktu saya selesai instal n mau mainkan gamenya, tolong pencerahannya

  11. @edi candera: udah di crack gak gan, bisanya krn gak di crack.

  12. gan sudah saya download dan install (crack saya donload dr torrent), trus didalam game nya ada bonus game install bro, pas di install minta pasword, pasword nya apa bro? tolongin bro..

  13. Bro, password RAR nya apaan ni? Pas ane mo extract minta pass, udah dimasukin kaga mau.. tolong dong pencerahan... :)

  14. Gan, sorry.. Ane lupa sedot pass buat RAR nya.. pas liat lgi ternyata ada.. Hehehehe... Maklum... Thanks... :P

  15. hello..
    setelah join sana join sini..
    ko jadinya bukan Image file..
    caranya gmna bung isal..!!

  16. rename flt-tt3.000 kepada flt-tt3.r00
    run flt-tt3.r00 guna winrar
    browse... ke flt-tt3.002
    hasilnya flt-tt3.iso

  17. Gan...
    Ane uda donlot nih game tahun lalu,,
    tp file passwordnya k hapus..
    pas aneh mau donlot lagi, filenya udah d hapus ma medifire..

    bisa upload lagi gak gan ??
    butuh nih,,,
    sayang,,, ane suka nih...

    mungkin agan2 di atas bisa bantu passwordnya apaan ??


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