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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Flatout 2 Rip - Indowebster

Flatout 2 Rip - Indowebster

Flatout 2 Rip
Download Game Flatout 2 Rip IDWS | 747 MB

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FlatOut 2 continues the demolition racing series with a number of enhancements over its 2005 predecessor. After selecting a vehicle from a choice of four classes (muscle, sports, pickup, and compact), players will compete against seven AI opponents that possess individual driving styles and personalities. The heart of the game is the championship mode, where the object is to enter multiple cup races, win cash prizes, and unlock new events or vehicles. Each track features an assortment of jumps, ramps, signs, alternate routes, and buildings to crash into while engaging in high-speed collisions with rivals.

New stunt mini-games are available in FlatOut 2, sporting the same twisted takes on daredevil driving as in the original game. Instead of jumping across objects or navigating through obstacle courses, the aim in each of the 12 events is to propel the driver out of the windshield and into (or onto) various targets. Players can also enter their vehicles in six demolition derby arenas, where the last car left sputtering is declared the winner. Tournaments, stunt challenges, and individual races are supported via Internet or LAN for up to eight drivers.

System Requirement:
  • Operating System: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
  • Processor: 1.5GHz Intel Pentium 4 or AMD Equivalent
  • RAM: 256 MB RAM
  • Video Card: 64 MB Graphics Card
  • Processor: DirectX Compatible Sound Card
  • Hard Drive: 1.1 GB of Free Hard Drive Space

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Flatout 2 Rip

Flatout 2 Rip

Flatout 2 Rip

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  1. Trimakasih bnyk atas link back nya mas Isal :) ...
    salam sukses jga buat anda... smoga pngunjung blog ini tdk pernah surut, krena stau saya blog ini sdh sangat terkenal di kalangan blogger, google dll. snang skali bkerjasama dgn mas... :)

  2. mas bisa gx di windows 7 Pro ?
    kalau bisa biar saya download.

  3. @Trunks: sama-sama gan, makasi jg atas doa n dukungannya.
    @RizaL vM: ok silahkan gan.
    @Soft-favorite: Not Tested gan, tp kayax bisa di win 7 gan.

  4. Anda memiliki koleksi bagus permainan

  5. Reno49

    mas . pada link mediafire , kok ga da part 5 na mas, pada game flatout.
    sblmnya terimakasih bnyk mas.

  6. @Reno49: sblmnya sy minta maaf gan, 100% ini adalah kesalahn sy krn sy tdk tdk lebih telitih lgi dalam memilih link. diatas sdh sy kasi tanda jgn sampai korbannya bertmbh lagi.
    untuk sementara silahkan download link indowebster.
    dan sy sementara mencarikan link untuk part5.
    sekali lagi maaf atas ketidak nyamanan nya.

  7. ok gan, saya mau download masih ragu-ragu..
    takutnya gx bisa di win 7 pro..

  8. ok mas , ternyata bisa di windows 7 pro , saya download di link indowebster.. sip - sip..
    mantab , bagus kali gamenya .. gan cariin lagi gan.. game racing yang bagus dan menantang.

  9. download di lonk ini jg bs

  10. download di link ini jg bs

  11. Windows 7 ultimate bisa gan sudah aku test

  12. mas, aku scan kok launchernya mengandung trojan???

  13. Gamesnya mas isal keren-keren,, linknya IDWS lagi,
    Update terus isalgames,,
    Download Sofware & Games

  14. game NFS underground 2 ada gk Gan,,,,?

  15. waw this is my first comment on this site and it looks so perfect because no dead link ,by the way most of my site i've visited links are so dead from my grandpa hhhh
    well, thanks you so much guys even that i can't understand your language...

  16. gan ni bisa maen pake joystick gk...


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