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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dead To Rights RIP - Mediafire

Dead To Rights RIP - Mediafire

Dead To Rights RIP | 177 Mb

Dead to Rights takes place in Grant City, USA, a once bustling gold-mining town turned corrupt--becoming "the hardest place on Earth". Jack Slate, a Grant City cop, arrives at a murder scene to discover that his father, private investigator and former cop Frank Slate, is the victim. As Jack begins the dangerous and labyrinthine task of finding his father's killer, he is framed for another murder. The twisting plot, seedy citizens of Grant City and high-adrenaline action leave players wanting more.

Dead to Rights features more than a dozen game mechanics including diving, rolling, punching, kicking and lethally disarming enemies in a variety of over-the-top ways. Jack's canine partner (a husky named Shadow) lives up to the name "man's best friend", helping Jack investigate crime scenes, sniff out bombs, retrieve weapons and attack enemies. Unique gameplay scenarios, mini-games and stop-motion special effects add to the action.

  • Inspired by Hong Kong action movies and hardboiled detective novels
  • Combat moves include diving, rolling, punching, kicking
  • Investigate crime scenes, sniff out bombs, retrieve weapons, and attack enemies
  • An intense and adult experience with great depth and detail
  • For one player

System Requirement
  • Minimum System Requirements
  • System:Pentium III 500 MHz or equivalent
  • RAM:128 MB
  • Video Memory:16 MB
  • Hard Drive Space:600 MB

Dead To Rights RIP - Mediafire Rating: 4.5 Diposkan Oleh: IsalCancer

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  1. Wahh,, patut di coba sob,,,,,
    dan aq sudah pasang link sobat jangan lupa back link ya,,,

  2. @Glady: silahkan di coba sob...
    ok sob langsung ke TKP...

  3. Saya masih bingung games paling seru apa ya? sizenya sekitar 2-4 GB gitu pasti seru. :)

  4. @DAW-XP: di coba aja dulu sob..size yg 2-4 GB!!!

  5. Aku mencari game yg kayak resident evil itu mas. game RE 5 di pc aku gak bisa, gak support windowsnya. :)

  6. @DAW-XP: klo resident evil 4 ada sob, coba liat di dftar isi...!!

  7. ijin unduh gan..
    ini game yang ane cari.
    makasih y

  8. izin sedot gan!? anyway ane dah pasang link agan di blog ane cek di
    n follow back gan!!! bravo isalgames!!!!


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