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Monday, June 06, 2011

The Sims Complete - Mediafire

The Sims Complete - Mediafire

The Sims Complete | 1.73 Gb

Now, finally EA has released the original and all expansion packs in one neat package at a great price. No longer do I need to keep all those disks, though I probably will for nostalgic purposes. Yes, I am a sims geek and proud of it. If you are new to The Sims, this all-in-one package can make you feel overwhelmed.

Rest assured the tutorials are great and you will be simming like a pro in no time. The Sims Complete Collection combines The Sims, The Sims Livin Large, The Sims House Party, The Sims Hot Date, The Sims Vacation, The Sims Unleashed, The Sims Superstar and The Sims Makin’ Magic in one package.

With the original hit The Sims you can build and customize your sims’ person and/or family with a variety of different traits, from haircolor to what zodiac sign they are. For each sim you create you chose their career and help them move along the corporate ladder.

It is your goal to make sure that they are happy and you have hundreds of objects and commands to help them along. Each expansion pack added many new items, outfits (or skins as they are called) characters, walls, floors, furniture and building tools.

The Sims Livin’ Large was the smallest expansion in which you gained The Sims Creator. Use this to create your own sims skins and traits to play in your game. Additionally, new objects and new character outfits, along with new walls and floors to re-decorate your home.

The Sims House Party added the ability to throw parties and invite your neighbors. Over 100 new items, new neighborhoods and a bunch of new characters. There is a Mime that will show up when your party is getting a bit slow, and he will try to entertain your guests.

One hilarious character shows up when you buy a cake in which a male or female dancer jumps out dancing and starts flirting to help your partygoers have a great time. You also have the ability to hire a caterer to handle all the food and drinks.

The Sims Hot Date added a whole new dimension to your sims life. It added a downtown area in which you can hang out and meet new sims. You just call up a cab and it whisks you away to a Maxis created lot or you can get real creative and create your own hang out.

Additionally you have new build mode tools such as grass and water. New items abound and now you can easily find what you wish with Maxis adding new sorting categories.

The Sims Vacation enables your sims to live life to the fullest. Your sims can now go on vacation to a beach resort, camping in a tent in the woodlands or skiing at a winter retreat. You can send postcards to friends and buy or win souvenirs.

The Sims Complete - Mediafire Rating: 4.5 Diposkan Oleh: IsalCancer

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  1. wah udah ada nich link pesanan ane...oya bro nga ada yang satu satu...ini kebanyakan

    sadis...keren bro...oya kalo ada link baru untuk rekomensasi dengan makalah kita silahkan berikan di kolom komentar di posting ini bro..

  2. is this game need to copy crack?
    there is no crack file in download link..

  3. gan ..
    knp ga bisa di instal yaa ..
    kayak ada yg kurang file nya.

  4. @Admin ISALGAMES | IsaL

    Berarti INSTAL ea ^.^
    thanks ea
    saya lagi donlot nih baru part 5.

    Bisa Request Ngak ??

    Saya Mau Basara 2 Heroes Or Basara Terbaru Dari PS3. kalau ngak ada gpp

  5. asem
    ga di pedulikan user yg masuk...
    ga di jawab pertanyaanku...
    saya udah pake virtual drive file iso nya
    ... n ga bisa di instal ...

  6. @andi - p: maaf gan klo lama balasnya, bisa kasi penjelasan yg lebih lengkap gak gan untuk permasalahn nya ini..??
    atau klo perlu screens nya gan.

  7. Ada Yang Lain Ngak Yang Sedikit Dikit Saja Partnya Gitu. Saya Abis Donlot SIMS nih saya kira SIMS 3 or 2 Collection -.- ternyata SIMS lama di buat tahun 2005 iy kan ??

  8. gan nama saya reza, mw nanya nih khan setelah di instal lewat power iso, trus langsung instal the sims ny, udah selesai instalnya qo ga bisa di mainin,,, tolong pencerahannya gan....
    pas waktu klik 2x the sims launchernya muncul peringatan "Cannot locate CD-ROM" please insert the correct CD-ROM, select OK and restart application..


  9. gan kalo mau download yang superstar aja bisa ga gan?kalo bisa yang part ke berapa?

  10. gan,Kok selesai install Minta CDnya sih?
    Gmn nih?

  11. mas boleh minta link download the sims 2 yang full expansion ga? request dong ^_^

  12. ko pass di install ada tulisan "this product an requires copy of sims 3" itu maksudnya apa ya ?
    mohon penjelasannya

  13. the download was broken...can you upload another link please...


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