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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Homefront RIP - MediaFire

Homefront RIP - MediaFire

Homefront RIP-ULTRA
Homefront RIP-ULTRA | 2.78 Gb

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Name: Homefront | Released: 2011 | Publisher: THQ | Developer: Kaos Studios | Genre: FPS | Size: 2.782 GB

Homefront - subject-oriented cinematic thriller, in which the script is important. In work on the storyline involved a famous Hollywood screenwriter John Milius ("Apocalypse Now," "Red Dawn") and former U.S. intelligence. The authors have come up with realistic geopolitical scenario in which, by 2025 the U.S. economy will be finally destroyed by the second wave of the crisis, and score political and military power of New Korea (formed through the merger of North and South Korea) will explode over the weakened U.S. nuclear warhead and occupies the west of the country.

The American people, who lost the regular army, but not broken, will continue to fight the invaders, leading them against the hard-edged partisan warfare. Their main task - to raise an insurrection in San Francisco, which became the base of the occupying forces. The protagonist of Homefront, a professional pilot - by chance becomes one of the rebels. And now he has to fire, water and copper pipes (ie a lot of run and shoot, fly helicopters and tanks, to organize sabotage and blow up enemy targets), and as closely as possible the hour of victory!

  • Cinematic thriller with an unusual story - the Americans here are not brave warriors, valiantly supporting democracy in the wrong state, but the defenders of their own dilapidated country. Realistic environment and the reliability of the atmosphere trapped in fighting the enemies of American cities.
  • Futuristic weapons and equipment that have been created by the secret blueprints, the developers received from the Pentagon.
  • Deadly drones - radio-controlled device the size of a toy, employees effective at killing enemies.
  • Unique technology Drama Engine, which changes the game scenario depending on the player's actions - with her you will always be the epicenter of events.

System requirements:
  • OS: Windows XP SP2 / Windows Vista / Windows 7
  • CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad@2.0 GHz / AMD Phenom II X4@2.2 GHz
  • Video: nVidia GeForce GTX 260 / ATI Radeon HD 4850
  • Audio: Sound card compatible with DirectX 9.0
  • RAM: 3 GB
  • HDD: 10 GB

Install Notes:
  1. Mount the image.
  2. Install the game.
  3. Play.

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Homefront RIP-ULTRA

Homefront RIP-ULTRA

Homefront RIP-ULTRA

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Homefront RIP - MediaFire Rating: 4.5 Diposkan Oleh: IsalCancer

19 komentar:

  1. Koq udah ngga ada isinya ya boss???

  2. gan link mediafire yng k 14 kq ga bza dbka???
    passwordnya dgnti yha???

  3. salam..
    game dah saya instal, pas saya overwrite crack skidraw ke folder gamenya trus sy buka ga bisa, malah ada tulisan physX is not instal,pleas reboot your pc after the physX installation

    saya coba instal update 1-nya, trus coba lagi malah muncul "steam must be running to play this game"

    bahasanya juga aneh gan????

    jadi mesti digimanain ni gan??

  4. @ilham_harsen:
    Release Group: ALI213
    Version: v1.0 (ENG)
    Protection: Steam

    Copy the contents of Crack folder to the folder with the game;

    Known differences:
    Sound effects can now have the correct volume;
    The level of sound effects is regulated / maintained;
    The sound level is not jumping on the menu;
    Difficulty level changes / saved;
    Marker job now disappears after its implementation;

    Download the Homefront by PROPER CRACK - 9.88 Mb

    we need the original
    to make dis crack work PROPERLY

  5. Type of patch: Official
    Version of the patch: Update 1 (MULTi)
    Tablet: Present (3DM技术组)
    Version of the game for the installation: v1.00

    Copy the contents of hand in the game folder;

    How to enable the Russian language:
    1) Open 3DMGAME.ini (... \ Homefront \ Binaries \);
    2) Add the line lang = russian, save your changes.

    Download Homefront Update 1 (RUS / MULTi) - 52.52 Mb

  6. @ilham_harsen: wah kurang tau jg gan klo masalah kaya gi2. lagian sy tdk pernh tes games ini cuma share aja. tp kayanya ada penjelasannya tuh dikomentar diatas, tp sy jg gak tau bahasanya. heheheh kali aja agan tau bhsa org itu.

  7. wahhhhh mantap banget nih gamenya :D mayan berat :D

  8. kq bahasanya rusia mas???
    gk ada yang english yh?
    thanx cool games...

  9. ad 2 pilihan pilih yg ke 2 pass mau instal gameny
    btw ini kok eror mulu pass masuk bisa
    pass jalan mau gerakin karakterny tiba lngsung eror dan hang gmna nih admin isal ...*_*

  10. game lancar jayaaaa :D

    thx sal...

  11. Heeee minta back link nya ya kk isal kunjungi dong sobat klik nama Akhmad ilham nurhadi

  12. @ilham_harsen install pysic dari nvidia walaupun bukan pake vga nvidia,,, trus copy paste crack,,,
    q dulu jga begitu

  13. makasih gan nih game seru bngat!! sy download 4hari pake idm

  14. Thanks bang isal
    "bagus anak neng geulis -
    game bagus dapetnya gratis"
    worked well on window 7 x32

  15. Upload Lagi gan!
    Klo Bisa jgn DiMediafire deh gan, bentar2 dh di hapus,..


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