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Sunday, May 08, 2011

Cops 2170: The Power Of Law - Mediafire

Cops 2170: The Power Of Law - Mediafire

Cops 2170: The Power Of Law
Cops 2170: The Power Of Law | 1.17 Gb

You take on the role of rookie cop, Katrin, as she patrols the mean streets of a futuristic, cyberpunk metropolis. Katrin is a beautiful, young, police academy graduate who is an excellent student and exceptional athlete. Unbeknownst to Katrin, her recent assignment concerning a series of terror attacks is about to propel her into the path of an evil genius.

The city streets she is fighting to protect are unlike any modern day metropolis. The government implants cyber links into newborns, marking them with a unique ID in order to ensure complete control, watching over everything for the “safety of the public.” COPS 2170: The Power of Law features stunning 3D environments ranging from cramped private quarters to sprawling city streets, all filled with more than 60 NPCs. As Katrin, players can recruit up to seven of their fellow officers, and use a large arsenal of weaponry and equipment—including a scanner, rifles, and machine guns—to win large-scale battles against the city’s criminal masterminds. Missions vary from suppressing small-scale riots to challenging the security staff of a massive yet corrupt corporation. Each mission can be accomplished using a variety of strategies, giving the player multiple paths to victory and hours of exciting gameplay.

Hardware Requirements
Windows 98/ME/2000/XP; Pentium III 800 MH; 128 MB RAM; 32 MB Video Card; 700 MB Hard Disk Space; 4x CD-ROM; DirectX 9.0; DirectX Compatible Sound Card; Windows Compatible Mouse and Keyboard

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